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Kilombero North Safaris

“Majestic, exotic, magical, breathtaking, wondrous.”

These are the words that travelers for generations have used to describe the landscape and biodiversity of Tanzania.

Crowned by Africa’s highest mountain, this peaceful country continues to inspire adventurers, hunters, fishermen and nature lovers from across the globe. Tanzania offers some of the finest safari destinations along with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. Beyond the natural, there is a rich, dynamic, and diverse mosaic of cultures whose hospitality and warmth is as legendary as the environment where they live.

This is the timeless, amazing Africa that you’ve always dreamt about.

Kilombero North Safaris has a team of experts constantly striving to improve our services and ensure that all your travel expectations are met. We guarantee all our operations are carried out with a deep respect, devotion and responsibility towards the natural environment.

We have collected within our stable some of the best world renowned areas, ranging from Lake Natron in the north to Rungwa / Inyonga (north of Ruaha National Park) down to Kilombero Ruhudji (Kilombero Valley) through to the Selous Game resort. Within these areas we are able to offer our discerning clientele 99% of huntable species in the country.

We are privileged to call home one of the most beautiful places on earth and we see it as our duty to protect for generations to come. This is evident in the commitment we have shown. You can get more information about it under our conservation section.

Whatever you are, a photographer, hunter, fisherman, or simply love being immersed in nature, let us guide and share with you our deep knowledge and experience in Tanzania.

Whatever your choice of safari, expect to be moved by your stay with us. Expect to gather a lifetime of memories in just a few weeks.

Tanzania has so much to offer, and we have so much to show you. Thank you for your interest in Kilombero North Safaris and we hope to say it in person:

“karibu Tanzania.”

Akram Aziz